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Two things to tell you about!

Firstly, you can visit our facebook page and place your vote (or ‘like’) to name the locomotive engine of the Exmouth Land Train. We have chosen four names from recent Exmouth history and are letting the public decide which will grace our engine;

Bill Sleeman – Exmouth’s unofficial historian, Bill Sleeman owned Sleeman’s Gentlemen’s outfitter which is still on Exeter Road today.

Brian Rowsell – A coxswain with Exmouth Lifeboat for 18 years and served the RNLI for 30 years.  He was a respected hero to many in Exmouth and passed away in September 2013

Garth Gibson – Exmouth’s popular town crier for nine years and also a member of the Exmouth Shanty Men.  To many he was an ambassador for Exmouth

Geoff Ingram – Entered Exmouth history as a hero for through an act that ensured the safety of his crew but the tragic loss of his life when his fishing vessel Sarah Jayne capsized.  He was a member of the Exmouth RNLI and was awarded the Vellum Service Certificate in 1985

Secondly, we are still looking for one or two more people to join our team!  If you hold a PCV license you could be our next train driver.  Or perhaps you’d prefer to join as a conductor.  Both roles require and enthusiastic and self-motivated person who is happy to be an representative of Exmouth.  For further information send an enquiry through this website or call us on 07597 358659


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