Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue!

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We have our first wedding booking later in the year!.  We’ll be transporting the Bride and Groom and their guests from Exmouth Town Hall to their receptions at Stuart Line Cruises.

It got us thinking about the traditional rhyme to bring the Bride luck on her special day and we think we fit the bill perfectly (and it may even bring us luck in 2015)

Something old – our carriages are technically now ‘old’

Something new – not only is our locomotive a brand new 2015 model we also have brand new curtains on our first carriage to keep you cosyer

Something borrowed – technically we borrow our conductors and drivers form the good town of Exmouth to act as ambassadors for this great town

Something blue – the train, the carriages, our uniform and even our leaflets and logo!

See, perfect!

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